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13 Seniors Sign to Play in College


Ozark | 4/18/2024

On Wednesday, April 17, 13 Ozark High School athletes announced that they have committed to play their sport at the collegiate level. Congrats to all of these athletes and we can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

Macey Sult – Basketball – Evangel University
“I've had the privilege of coaching Macey for the last four years. She's a talented basketball player and a very good student. She's going to graduate from Ozark, holding two of her own basketball records. Last year as a junior she set a school record for three point percentage in a single season, and this year she set the school record for career three point percentage. As she continues on, I know she will continue to shine brightly as a basketball player and a person with character and technique. Her passion for the game will undoubtedly make her a valuable asset to the Evangel team.” - Brandon Clift (Girls Basketball Head Coach)

Ashya Thompson – Neo A&M – Volleyball
“Ashya has not always been dealt the most optimal hand, but she has never once made excuses for herself or lowered her expectations for herself. She has been able to turn tough situations into opportunities for growth and has developed a huge amount of resiliency and determination along the way. She has set high expectations for herself and for her teammates. I hope she knows how grateful I am for her leadership and for her love and passion that she brought to this program.” - Adeana Brewer (Volleyball Head Coach)

Josi Van Riessen – Dordt University – Soccer
“I have not been Josi’s coach for long, but I can tell you she brings fire and passion to the sport of soccer. She's been working towards this goal to play in college for a long time, and it shows in her play, her fierceness, and her desires do well. I'm excited to follow along and see how she contributes to Dordt University’s team. I know she will be great.” - Zack Owens (Girls Soccer Head Coach)

Kiara Holt – Greenville University – Soccer
“She's someone you can always trust extensively on the field to make the right decision. She's been working towards this goal of playing in college for a long time. I'm very excited to see what she can do at the next level. I know she will be successful, and I can't wait to see it.” - Zack Owens (Girls Soccer Head Coach)

Grant Ogle – Mineral Area Community College – Track & Soccer
“Grant has had a career of ups and downs with Ozark track as he spent most of his junior year fighting a hip injury. However, after a lot of hard work he’s back and doing great, and that's a testament to his work ethic and his initiative. Grant's hard work and commitment in the weight room and on the track has provided him an opportunity to continue to be a multi-sport athlete in college as he plans to do both soccer and track in college. He’s going to be great in both.” - Justin Emmerton (Track & Field Head Coach)

Sophia Morgan – Cheerleading – Drury University
“During Sophia's Ozark varsity cheerleading career, she was part of one traditional state champion win, two game day state championship wins, and was selected for two All-State awards for basing. One of the things that I've always valued about Sophia is her ability to walk into a group and lead. I know that that is a characteristic that is going to be such an asset to her new team at Drury.” - Tess Keller (Ozark Varsity Cheer Head Coach)

Emma Dial – Cheerleading – Drury University
“During her time on Ozark varsity cheer, Emma was part of two traditional state championship wins, two game day state championship wins. She was awarded All-American in two different seasons and obtained a single All-State award for basing. One of the things I will always remember about Emma is that she was always willing to come in and do more. She is the athlete that's going to be there before practice, she's going to stay after practice, Emma's going to do whatever it takes to make sure that whatever she is a part of is 100% perfect.” - Tess Keller (Ozark Varsity Cheer Head Coach)

Kayleigh Shadwick – Cheerleading – Lindenwood University
“She was a part of one traditional state championship win, three back-to-back-to-back game-based state championship wins. She was awarded All-American, and she received two All-State awards for basing. Kayleigh is one of the most coachable athletes that I have the privilege of bringing through our program. She’s the type of athlete that you can depend on and you can always count on. We’re so proud of you Kayleigh. I mean, really from the beginning of her time talking about college, it was always that she was going to cheer. There's never a question for her, so we're just really proud of her for sticking to that dream and not giving up.” - Tess Keller (Ozark Varsity Cheer Head Coach)

Kelly Martin – Cheerleading – Graceland University
“I had the privilege of coaching Kelly as a freshman and a sophomore on our junior varsity cheerleading squad. Kelly came in shy, and very quickly her talent grew. Throughout my time with Kelly, she was a great leader and a hard worker. I appreciated her good attitude. I am thrilled that she has decided to continue her cheerleading career in college at Graceland University. They will be very blessed to have her as a part of their team.” - Tess Keller (Ozark Varsity Cheer Head Coach)

Aryssa Speights – Cross Country – College of the Ozarks
“Aryssa is, what I would call, an extremely high-character athlete. You never have to worry about Aryssa doing the right thing or following through. She was an individual that you can consistently count on to be at all practices, whether that be off season or this season. Aryssa has continually been at the centerpiece of our girls' program, just with her personality and how much our girls look up to her. I'm so excited to see her continue her athletic career.” - Mitchell Furtkamp (Cross Country Head Coach)

Carter Jackson – Central Methodist University – Golf
“One of my favorite memories about Carter is that whenever we go to tournaments other team’s coaches are like, ‘This guy is still on your team?’ It’s awesome that other coaches are aware of his presence. He's been a force for the Ozark golf team for four seasons now, and we're looking forward to another great season of golf with him on our team.” - Justin Peery (Boys Golf Head Coach)

Kyle Fitzpatrick – Central Methodist University – Golf
“Kyle is easily the most entertaining golfer on our team, and what I appreciate most about Kyle is he plays golf just like I do: with maximum creativity. He’s always doing what he needs to do.” - Justin Peery (Boys Golf Head Coach)

Jenabelle Justice – William Jewell College – Swim and Dive
“In swimming, you can swim two individual events each year, and in eight individual events, Jenabelle placed in the top three in six of those events. At the end of her senior year, she finished first in the 200-meter relay with her teammates, second to the 100-butterfly, third to the 200 IM, and that added up to some team points that brought us our first conference championship. She has also been a big part of our relays at the state championship, twice earning the All-State Honorable Mention Honors as part of our hard, free-style relays. Jenabelle congratulations, I’m excited to see you continue on.”
- Steve Boyce (Girls Swim & Dive Head Coach)